**SUB Wood Trophy**. **0g Mackenzie Salver** **3g Riddiford Levin**  **6g Wilson Cup** **14g Savile Cup**

(Teams and Points Tables are at the bottom of this page)

DAY 1 -TUESDAY (winners are underlined)

G1 10.45am SUB Cambridge B vs Auckland G 7-5

G2 11.45am SUB Auckland H vs Bombay 5-3.5

G3 12.45pm 3g Cambridge A v Auckland D 3-5

G4 1.45pm 6g Waimai A v Kihikihi 7-3

G5 3pm 6g Waimai B v Auckland B 6-9



G6 10am SUB Auckland G vs Bombay 10-2

G7 11am SUB Cambridge B vs Auckland H 9-2.5

G8 10am 0g Auckland E vs Hololio C 3-6

G9 11am 0g Birchleigh vs Auckland F 7.5-6

G10 12pm 0g Hawkes Bay B vs Hololio D 6-4

G11 1pm 0g Poverty Bay B vs Hololio B 0.5 - o

G12 10am 3g Auckland C vs Hawkes Bay A 8-2

G13 11am 3g Morrinsville vs Poverty Bay A 6-2

G14 12pm 3g Cambridge A vs Rangitikei  3-4

G15 2pm 6g Waimai A vs Waimai B    10-5

G16 3.15pm 6g Kihikihi vs Auckland B  4-7

G17 4.30pm 14g Mystery Creek vs Hololio A   11-6



G18 10am 0g Hololio C vs Birchleigh (Semi final 1) 7.5-3

G19 11am 0g Hawkes Bay B vs Hololio B (Semi final 2) 0-10

G20 12pm 0g Auckland E vs Auckland F (Semi final 1) 11-2

G21 1pm 0g Hololio D vs Poverty Bay B (Semi final 2) 3-8.5

G22 1.15pm 3g Auckland C vs Poverty Bay A 10-1

G23 2.15pm 3g Morrinsville vs Hawkes Bay A   4-4

G24 3.15pm 3g Auckland's D vs Rangitikei 3-8

G25 4.30pm 14g Auckland A vs Mystery Creek 4-10 


G26 10.30am SUB Cambridge B vs Bombay 7-3

G27 11.30am SUBg Auckland G vs Auckland H  10-1.5

G28 2.15 6g Waimai A v Auckland B

G29 2.15pm 6g Kihikihi v Waimai B - not being played 

G30 3.30pm 14g Auckland A v Hololio A 10-11

DAY 5 - SATURDAY (Ryburn)

G31 SUB10 am  Bombay v Auckland H (Handicap Final)3.5-4

G32 0g 11am Auckland E v Hololio D (Consolation game 1) 6-2

G33 0g 12pm Hololio C v Hawkes Bay B (Consolation game 2)   4.5-1

G34 3g 12. Hawkes Bay A 1st vs Cambridge A 3rd vs Poverty Bay A 2nd (Consolation game Round Robin)

G35 3g 1.30 Rangitikei A vs Morrinsville (Semi final 1) 7-6

G36 3g 2.30 Auckland D Vs Auckland C (Semi final 2) 4-2

G37 6g 3.30 3rd Kihikihi v Waimai B (Handicap Final STEAD CUP)


G38  0g 10 Auckland's F v Poverty Bay B (MCKENZIE SALVER HANDICAP FINAL) 7-2.5

G39  3g 11am Morrinsville  v Auckland D (R & L HANDICAP FINAL KLAUS CUP) 7-4

G40 SUB 11 am Cambridge B v Auckland G (WOOD TROPHY)  5-1

G41 12pm 0g Birchleigh v Hololio B  (MCKENZIE SALVER) 4.5 - 4

G42  1pm 3g Rangitikei A v Auckland c (RIDDIFORD AND LEVIN CUP) 4-5

G43 2pm 6g Waimai A v Auckland B (WILSON CUP) 5-6

G44 3.30pm 14g Mystery Creek v Hololio  (SAVILE CUP & SAVILE HANDICAP CUP) 12-9