​​​​​​​John Paul Clarkin

John Paul Clarkin is currently the highest ranked New Zealand Polo Player on 7-goals. John Paul has a long list of achievements to his name including the Gold Cup in England. Most recently he was part of the winning New Zealand team against Australia at Port Hills. He spends only a couple of months of the year at home, the rest of his time being spent in Europe and polo's mecca, Argentina, where fans turn out in the thousands to catch a glimpse of polo's elite.

Mr Clarkin has a stable of about 30 horses in different parts of the world but there's one thing they all have in common – they are all New Zealand-born and bred.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sam Martin

Sam Martin - 21 years old 4 goal player from the Hurunui Polo Club. Has grown up in a polo family. He played his first tournament at the age of 11.

Sam represented NZ successfully in 2019 at Port Hills against Australia and in South Africa, being reserve for the New Zealand team. 

He has previously been at Lincoln University and this year has taken a gap year to travel. In his spare time he is involved with the family farm and he enjoys hunting, fishing and playing rugby but just loves being in the outdoors.

Sam enjoys playing and training his polo ponies and believes a player is only as good as the horse power beneath him.​​​​​​​

Thomas Hunt

Tom is 32 years old and a 6 goal player. His home club is Mystery Creek. Tom hails from Waikato but can be found playing polo in England and Australia in the off season. Tom first represented NZ as an under 21 colt and is now a regular in the national team. Most recently representing NZ against Argentina at Kihikihi in 2019, other games include playing at the snow polo tournament in China. Tom is a very cool customer on the field and an absolute charmer off it.​​​​​​​

Ash Reader

Ash Reader is a 27 year old and plays for the Blenheim Polo Club. He has worked and played polo in Australia and Argentina. As of late Ash has been home on the Kaikoura coast busy cray fishing and farming.

Ash plays off a 3 goal handicap.​​​​​​​

Glen Armstrong

Glen Armstrong – 33 years old 4 goal player. Glen has been a member of the Christchurch Polo Club for 5 years, previous to this he was a member of Poverty Bay Polo Club for 13 years. Glen represented New Zealand in 2011 for FIP in Malaysia. He is a Stock Agent for Rural Livestock in North Canterbury. ​​​​​​​

Ladies Test Teams

Fern Mcildowie, Zoe Reader, Izzy Kelsey, Missy Browne and Harri McKelvie have all been selected for New Zealand test sides recently. 

Missy Browne 

Missy is 38 years old, from Cambridge and started playing polo when she was very young and has continued to play. She comes from a polo family.  Her father, brother, sister and also son all play polo .

Zoe Reader

Zoe is 18 years (2020) old from the Blenheim Club in the South Island. She was selected in the New Zealand schools team in 2016 and 2017. Zoe is now studying at Lincoln University. She was in the team that won the New Zealand Ladies open in 2019. 

Izzy Kelzey

Izzy started polo at Waimai Polo Club when she was 16 with Amberwood Polo, since then has worked at Blue Springs Polo School in Christchurch and Gunsmoke Polo Club in South Africa. I am currently playing my third season for Birchleigh Polo Club in Hawkes Bay, where I work as club captain and coach for our schools program. I hope to continue playing here for many seasons to come, and am looking forward to my first game representing NZ.

Fern McIldowie

Fern comes from a farming family that run a sheep and beef station inland from Gisborne. She is currently based in Clevedon with Cody Forsyth where she has been focusing on improving her polo and working on her string of ponies and has spent the last 2 years moving between the Australia and NZ seasons. She aims to see how far polo can take her and is so grateful for the support of her family and others that who have helped her along the way.